63991_502249603172656_308045889_n (1)Restaurant “Fiore” started its activity in December 1996, in a small town in Kavaja, Albania.

This desire and passion was follewed by a long goal to return to Albania to do something different. The name and tradition, this restaurant has taken it from historical and ancient city of Florence, a city known both for its history, but also for the wonderful cuisine. There we learned the master art of the cuisine.

We brought this experience here in Albania and was quite successful, after hard work to satisfy customers and to get from them the best words.

In 2006 we opened another new restaurant located in Tirana, in one of the most famous areas,and thisĀ  thanks to our well-known name that we had earned, from the people who attended our first restaurant in Kavaja.

At “Fiore” everything is built-in feature of beauty, tranquility and satisfaction. A perfect environment in which everyone can feel more relaxed to enjoy special dishes. A restaurant for all those who want to spend a lunch or a nice dinner.

“Fiore” already is known not only in Albania, but also across borders, and has become one of the most frequented restaurants, thanks to the combination that we have made with the Italian and Albanian cuisine.

“Fiore” is one of the first restaurants in Albania where many years of experience has managed to gain a great popularity.